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Reasons Why You Should Tour Kampala City

Bustling Kampala city gives you all reasons why you should tour Kampala City. Kampala City is  known as one of the safest cities in Africa. It is a place you can move around around without feeling threatened. We’ve witnessed some foreigners move out and about even at night. Kampalanians are the most friendly people and […]

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Highlights of Kampala City Tour Itinerary

Kampala is the Capital of Uganda and the largest city in the country, it gets its name from Impala (Aepyceros melampus) a medium-sized African antelope that used to roam the jungles where Kampala seats today. Located 40 Km from Entebbe International Airport, Kampala will amaze you with its beauty, culture and hospitality before you venture […]

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Places to See On A Kampala Sightseeing Tour

Kampala Sightseeing tours takes you through the sensational and most unique places to visit in Kampala City. The tour explores Kampala’s historical, cultural, entertainment, educational, religious and social tourist sites that are a must see on a Kampala city tour. The Kampala sightseeing tour takes a morning and afternoon day trips around the city starting […]

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