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Uganda Is Set To Host The Famous Chinese Dragon Boat Festival

Uganda Dragon Boat Festival At Uganda Wildlife Education Centre The Dragon Boat Festival is part of a larger Chinese cultural tradition that goes back 2,400 years. It began on the life-sustaining riverbanks in the valleys of southern China as a fertility rite performed to ensure bountiful crops. The first participants held their celebration on the […]

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Uganda Bahai Temple; Africa’s all-faith Cathedral

Visit Baha’i Temple in Kampala, Uganda tour; Religious tour, Kampala short tours This is the only Kampala Baha’i temple on the entire African continent. The gorgeous domed cathedral is found on a hill encompassed by calming ever green gardens with lots of beautiful tress most of them fruit tree species and flowers, and because the […]

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Visit Namugongo Martyrs Shrine On Kampala City Tour

Visit Namugongo Martyrs Shrine On Kampala City Tour; Uganda Martyrs Shrine, Religious tour in Uganda The Basilica is located in Namugongo about 11km from Kampala Capital City was the execution ground in the Buganda Kingdom. The shrine is dedicated to the 22 Christian congregants who were brutally murdered by Kabaka (King) Mwanga. Having been sentenced […]

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