Places to See On A Kampala Sightseeing Tour

Kampala Sightseeing tours takes you through the sensational and most unique places to visit in Kampala City. The tour explores Kampala’s historical, cultural, entertainment, educational, religious and social tourist sites that are a must see on a Kampala city tour.

The Kampala sightseeing tour takes a morning and afternoon day trips around the city starting at 9:00 and 14:00Hrs for a four hour city tour. The day trip will take you to places that include the following;

Hotel clusters: Explore Kampala’s best hotels on the sightseeing trip in Uganda. Kampala city has many classy hotels that are located in the beautiful environments with amazing views of the city and a cool fresh air blowing you away.

Parliament of Uganda: Located in the heart of Kampala, the Uganda Parliament is a must visit on a Kampala sightseeing day tour. The architectural design of the building will leave you marvel about the ingenuity of the engineers.

National Theatre: Also known as the Uganda National Cultural Centre, the National Theatre is home to Uganda’s drama, acting and it is becoming Uganda’s premier place for premiering Ugandan movies locally known as Kina’U.

Nakasero market: Kampala city day trip is incomplete without a visit to Nakasero market; Uganda’s biggest local market with all kinds of commodities especially fresh fruits, vegetables, crafts and many more. Nakasero market is a highlight on a Kampala sightseeing tour.

Kabaka’s Palace / Lubiri Royal Palace: Visit the Palace of one of Africa’s most respected kingdoms provides a glimpse in Uganda and Buganda’s history with various things to see such as the Kabaka Sir Edward Muteesa II’s Rolls Royce and the Idi Amin’s torture chamber.

Kabaka’s Lake: A man made lake dug on the orders of King Mwanga, the Kabaka’s lake is one of Kampala’s iconic attractions that must be visited on a Kampala sightseeing tour. Located in Ndeeba, the lake was dug purposely to act as a channel for the King to sail to Lake Victoria though it was not completed.

Namirembe Cathedral: Also known as the Saint Paul’s Cathedral Namirembe, this Angelican cathedral was opened in 1919 with a super wonder architectural design that will leave you amazed.

Rubaga Cathedral: Also known as Saint Mary’s Cathedral Rubaga, this is the first Roman Catholic Cathedral in Uganda opened in 1925. This twin-towered Roman Catholic cathedral has a memorial to the Uganda Martyrs, with 22 Catholic victims (later declared saints) enshrined in the stained-glass.

Buganda Parliament: This is where the Buganda kingdom holds its cultural meeting for governing and running the Kingdom with representatives from all clan chiefs, county chiefs and other representatives as ordered by the Kabaka. The Bulange buildling houses Buganda’s radio station Central Broadcasting Services (CBS) FM.

Old Kampala Mosque / Gaddafi Mosque: The Uganda National Mosque was constructed by Idi Amini and later completed with the aid from the Col. Muamer Gaddafi. This is one of Africa’s biggest mosques and it’offers unrivalled 360 degrees views of Kampala from the Minaret.

Kasubi Royal Tombs: This is the royal burrial grounds of the Kabakas of Buganda located on Kasubi hill. The tombs now house four remains of the fallen Kabaka’s of Buganda. With its spectacular architecture, the Kasubi Tombs are one of the UNESCO world heritage sites.

Makerere University: East Africa’s oldest university located on Makerere hill is one of Kampala’s highlights with its magnificent archtecture and great history with various monuments that hold a lot of meaning.

Uganda Museum: Dig back into Uganda’s history at the Uganda museum with tools that were used during the stone-age period to the present day. The various traditional musical instruments are available for you to play.

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