The Life In Kampala City, Uganda’s Capital City & Centre of Business – Kampala City Tours

In general, Kampala City is a booming city with bustling trade and people interaction. However, the day life in Kampala city differs in locations within the city. The up-class places especially around Nakasero hill area where most of the government offices and corporate offices are located. Here, people seem to be organized with most of the inside their respective buildings attending to their respective white collar jobs.

This is totally different compared to the life in down-town starting from Kampala road and sloping down the Mini price, Taxi parks, Bus stations, Markets like Owino market and Kisenyi market. The life in these areas is very active with people moving up and down with destinations known only to them. They do a lot of shopping while others are on transit. In general there is congestion with people, vehicles, motorcycles, bicycles and traders competing for the same space.

You will have to admit that the noise is at its highest in the down town with taxi conductors calling for passengers, vehicles’ hooting, and luggage lifters clamoring for the way through.  The places outside the Kampala Central Business Area are a bit calm with people settled in their shops while others are crafting various things for survival. Most people transfer to the city Centre in the morning for work and transfer back to their respective places in the evening which partly causes traffic congestion in those rush hours.

Kampala is one of the African cities whose day and night times are always alive. It is safe to move at night in Kampala city unlike other cities in the region. There is a club, pub or an entertainment center close to every corner of the street where as the music and dancing is part and parcel of Kampala dwellers. Ugandan music is a blend of pop, dancehall, reggae and is so uncompromisingly happy. Music played in clubs and pubs is generally a mix of Ugandan, Nigerian, South African, Tanzanian, Kenyan, and western music thereby enticing you to step up on the dancing floor.

These Kampala City happening centers tend to fall into three sets that is; Super pubs which are normally highly populated by whites; African style clubby-pubs with pool tables and dance floors and the Real clubs which are similar to European night clubs but highly populated by Ugandans with lots of music, dense beats and great dancing.

Kampala City is an African city that give you a diversity of lifestyle in a single destination. Customize with us your Kampala city tour by contacting us via or call us on +256701367970 for more information.