Month: June 2017

Top Places To Visit In Kampala, Uganda – Kampala City Tour

Uganda’s capital city Kampala is one of the most paramount cities in East Africa. It is strategically located on the shores of Lake Victoria the largest fresh water body in East Africa. It is the biggest and busiest city in the pearl of Africa with a population of over three million people. When you are […]

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The Life In Kampala City, Uganda’s Capital City & Centre of Business – Kampala City Tours

In general, Kampala City is a booming city with bustling trade and people interaction. However, the day life in Kampala city differs in locations within the city. The up-class places especially around Nakasero hill area where most of the government offices and corporate offices are located. Here, people seem to be organized with most of […]

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Make Your Uganda Safari Tour More Exciting & Refreshing With Kampala City Nighttime on Your Travel Itinerary – Kampala City Tours

Though some travelers may be tempted to skip over African cities in favor of luxury lodges and safaris, Kampala’s nighttime offerings are worthy of inclusion on any Uganda safari itinerary. New York City may be the city that never sleeps, but Kampala city, the vibrant capital of Uganda, is giving the Big Apple a run […]

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